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We pride ourselves as the exporter of premium Singapore products.

We only feature heritage products with more than 50 years of rich history. In fact, some of our featured product even last more than a century! Find out the story of our Singapore Heritage products now.

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Chinese Medicated Oil

Singapore has very rich history of Chinese Medicated Oil. Among the featured popular Chinese Medicated Oil are Wah On, Fong Moon Kee, Leung Kai Fook and Thye Shan. In fact, both Wah On and Fong Moon Kee have more than 100 years of history!

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Soy Sauce

Singapore Soy Sauce is well known for its unique and distinct flavour. Some of them still using the very traditional way of brewing, which can take up to 1 to 2 years for the brewing process!

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Food is another unique product of Singapore. Flavoured peanuts from Mei Heong Yuen, Egg tart from Tong Heng, and Moon Cake from Tai Chong Kok are just some of the famous products from Singapore.

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